How to travel and earn with jewelry companies?

How to travel and earn with jewelry companies? Blog

Are you a jewelry lover who loves to travel? Now, you can combine your two passions and work with jewelry companies while traveling the world. Here’s a look at how to get started in this lucrative profession:

Do Some Research

The amount of money you can earn from traveling and working with jewelry companies will depend on the company you choose and the type of services or products they need. Before signing up for any type of traveling gig, take some time to research the company to make sure it’s legitimate and that their products are up to your standards.

Create A Digital Portfolio To Market Yourself

A great way to showcase your skills is by creating digital portfolio that displays different pieces of jewelry that have been designed or made by you. In addition to showcasing your work, you should also include information about yourself, including why you’re interested in working with jewelry companies as well as any relevant experience in the industry.

Network And Get Referred To The Right Companies

Networking is a great way to get referred to different jewelry companies who are looking for independent models or photographers who specialize in promotional materials for their products. You should reach out to friends, family members, and other contacts who might be able to connect you with potential employers or point you in the direction of reputable companies.

Reach Out To Jewelry Companies Directly

If networking isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways that people can travel and earn money with jewelers. Reach out directly to companies through email or social media and let them know what kind of services you can provide as well as where you want to travel and what kind of content they’d like created (such as magazine spreads, videos, product reviews etc). If they’re interested in partnering up, they’ll often provide all necessary details and equipment needed for production.

Grow Your Personal Brand Through Content Creation

Another great way to travel around the world while earning money with jewelry companies is by growing your personal brand and becoming an influencer through content creation such as blog posts, YouTube videos or social media posts featuring gorgeous pieces from these businesses! This particular strategy involves building long-term relationships between yourself and each individual jeweler so keep this in mind when approaching them since it may take time before these types of collaborations start paying off.

Be Willing To Negotiate Payment Terms

Finally, if a company has shown interest in what you do but isn’t able offer monetary compensation just yet – remember everyone has budgets – try negotiating for ongoing promotional discounts for future purchases or even free guest accommodation in exchange for services rendered! Working out realistic payment terms isn’t always easy but it’s important that both parties feel comfortable so come prepared with creative solutions when discussing these matters.

Which jewelry companies are worth making money with?

Cancri Jewelry

Cancri Jewelry, the biggest company in the jewelry bazaar across Europe and Asia, proposes a singular cashback opportunity when acquiring golden jewelry with diamonds. It is plausible to also buy a Booking Card (present voucher) online in your particular account. Members from more than 50 lands are already associates of Cancri Jewelry. The major explanation for the firm’s achievement is an absolutely fresh exclusive marketing layout, devised and minutely calculated in accord with European collaborators. Thanks to merchandising, jewels of the Cancri Jewelry label have gotten huge renown amongst the citizenry, which has led to an increase in turnover, rivalry, and ergo, a considerable profit. This is the gain that makes it possible to fund members of the Cancri Jewelry empire scheme in the shape of a cashback.


ELEMENTS 5, a jewelry manufacturer, offers customers the opportunity to purchase precious stones to craft their own personalized piece. By making purchases online from any location around the world, customers become members of the program and are rewarded with cashback on their purchase. On the individual’s account platform, they must first select between Diamond or Moissanite as the desired product type. Afterward, they should pick a Package along with its accompanying Bonus Program that best suits them. Lastly, payments for buys and withdrawals of bonuses are conducted via cryptocurrency.

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